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Where can I get the price of each work?

By contacting one of our assistants via email or WhatsApp.


Are there more works available from each artist?

More artwork may be available. Information is provided on a case-by-case basis.


Do you provide financial advice or consulting to art collectors as part of your customer service?

We do. We make evaluations of the valorization and projection of each artist and their respective works of art.


Where are you based?

In Santiago de Chile. South America.


Since you are based in Chile, how do you manage the export and delivery of each work?

By mutual agreement with each customer and depending on their interest and geographic location.


Investment opportunities for specialist collectors were mentioned. Does this include only specialist collectors or do you also offer the same for beginner collectors?

As part of our art trading services, we provide specialized advice according to the trend and category of each customer.


In the case of frequent buyers or customers abroad, are the terms and conditions always the same as those stated on the Website or can exclusive and excluding contracts be made with them?

The terms and conditions are those indicated on our website; however, new terms may be agreed with the Buyer.


Can agreements or projects be tailor-made for institutions, foundations, or public and private companies?

 Yes, after they have been evaluated by our team.


Do you participate in activities related to the art market abroad as a gallery?

We are building links that we will be reporting on Our Networks in due course.


What are the curatorial criteria for selecting the artists you represent?

We choose artists of great projection in different foreign markets based on their professionalism, line of work, and artistic style.


Do you do customer screening?

In principle no, as long as the terms and conditions are met.


Does the artwork have a Certificate of Authenticity?

Each work has its respective certificate of authenticity, validly issued, and registered both in the Gallery and by its Author.

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